Digital Science

In some regards, “digital science” may be considered synonymous with “science in the 21st century.” Within dSHARP, therefore, our focus is more specifically on “open science” within the world of digital research and publishing, including advocating for the use of

  • open access software and datasets
  • open access publishing for research and data
  • data management planning, with particular attention to data publishing and preservation

Within the dSHARP core team, we have particular expertise in data visualization (Scott Weingart), research data management and the research lifecycle (Lisa Zilinski), and digital publication and scholarly communications (David Scherer).

Events and Education

CMU’s University Libraries hosts a number of events and workshops of scientific interest, including

Research and Resources

CMU is currently partnering with the technology company Digital Science to provide a whole new suite of digital tools that will enable digital scientific research. Other resources of potential interest include:

Informational Links


Related CMU Resources

There are numerous resources offered by the Office of Sponsored Programs to enable scholars to find funding and the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance to assist scholars in obtaining an IRB or navigating a potential conflict of interest. The Information Security Office can advise scholars on the protection of digital data in their research.