dSHARP Fall 2018

Our dSHARP open Consulting / Office Hours continue this year semester in a new location.

We will be in the Sorrells Den (in the back) on the 4th floor of Wean Hall from 12-3pm every Wednesday.

Feel free to use this space and time as a co-working, collaborative opportunity. We’ve got space for you to meet and work with your colleagues, and a bunch of experts on hand who can offer insight into what you’re working on. It’s really less an office hours and more an excuse for all the DHers in town to meet up and brainstorm, but we always welcome newcomers who want some help or advice.

The weekly DH Faculty Lunch Lecture Series continues starting Thursday, September 13th at noon in Hunt Library Studio A, featuring Professor Lara Putnam from the University of Pittsburgh. Lunch is provided.