Guest Lecturing (del)

Members of the dSHARP core team are available to guest lecture in undergraduate and graduate classes. These guest lectures can take a variety of formats, such as lectures, discussion sessions, seminar sessions, and in-class workshops of practical skills.

Broad topics that dSHARP team members can cover include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Humanities – Dan Evans, Jessica Otis, Emma Slayton, Scott Weingart
  • Digital Publishing – Rikk Mulligan, David Scherer
  • Data Visualization – Jessica Benner, Emma Slayton, Scott Weingart
  • Project Management – Rikk Mulligan, Jessica Otis
  • Research Lifecycle and Data Management – Lisa Zilinski
  • User Experience/Design for Digital Projects – Rikk Mulligan

If you are interested in having a team member visit your classroom you should

  1. determine what the pedagogical goals of the visit will be
  2. determine what date(s) you would ideally like a team member to visit
  3. contact us AT LEAST ONE MONTH PRIOR to the proposed visit, preferably before the beginning of the semester/mini in question – contacting us even further in advance increases the probability that a team member will be available to visit your class on the date(s) requested
  4. work with the team member to ensure that their proposed activities will meet your pedagogical goals
  5. liaise between the team member and your students to ensure your students complete any necessary prep work