Connecting scholars to resources is one of the core pillars of the dSHARP mission.

If there are other resources you think particularly important for us to include on this website, please let us know!


Center Resources

dSHARP currently has only limited center resources. As we acquire a physical presence, including technology and licenses to enable access to software such as ArcGIS, Tableau, or Oxygen, we will provide further information here.


Campus Resources


CMU University Libraries have facilities for self-scanning. For information on how to undertake more extensive digitization projects, please contact the University Libraries’ Digitization Projects Manager, Anne Marie Mesco.

Web Publishing

CMU Computing Services provides all CMU faculty, staff, and students with space on the Andrew File Server to build html-based websites.

Subject-Specific dSHARP Resources:


Funding Opportunities

Information about center, local, regional, and national funding opportunities will be posted here, as it becomes available. Funding opportunities include

Carnegie Mellon University

National Organizations

Note: all federal grants are required to create research data management plans and even non-federal grants to increasingly require similar plans.