The members of dSHARP offer consultations  on digital tools, projects, and publishing.  
We encourage you to contact us individually or email our group using dsharp @ to schedule a virtual consultation. If your interest is in working with datasets and data visualization, members of the DataCoLAB should be emailed using: dataCoLAB @

The core team can sometimes work with students and faculty in collaboration to create things including but not limited to: project plans, websites, digital tools, datasets, and grant proposals. We are happy to help you conceptualize a project, consider its scope, find data and sources, or demonstrate new tools and related projects. We do not, however, provide programming, web development, interface design, or other technical support as services. Each of us has worked on Digital Research & Publishing projects, some of which are listed below.


Our core team are scholars from a variety of disciplines with active research agendas who have some availability for more in-depth research or pedagogical collaborations with other scholars. Decisions about joining a project team or longer-term research collaborations are based on the resources, skills, and interests all parties, typically stemming for project consultations.

Projects awarded Andrew W. Mellon Seed Grants or A.W. Mellon DH Graduate Fellowships were provided developmental support from our DH Developers, Matt Lincoln and Daniel Evans.

dSHARP Projects

Bridges of Pittsburgh

  • Matt Lincoln, Emma Slayton, Scott Weingart
  • past: Allison Paige Kuester & Yuyao Wang (2018 Summer Interns), Jessica Otis

ETHOS: Encyclopedia of the History of Science

  • Chris Phillips & Amanda Katz
  • Jonathan Kiritharan, Matt Lincoln, Scott Weingart
  • past: Dan Evans, Rikk Mulligan, Drew Stimpson, Heidi Weiren Bartlett

Frankenstein Variorum
(temporarily: )


  • Scott Weingart
  • Matt Burton & Matt Lavin (University of Pittsburgh); Jessica Otis (George Mason University)

Latin American Comic Archive

  • Felipe Gómez, Dan Evans, Rikk Mulligan, Scott Weingart
  • past: Allison Paige Kuester (2018 Summer Intern) and Olivia Wikle (2017 Summer Intern)

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon

  • Chris Warren, Scott Weingart
  • Dan Shore (Georgetown University)
  • John Ladd (University of Washington in St. Louis), Jessica Otis (George Mason University)

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