Engaging through education and outreach is one of our primary missions. We host events including THATCamps, DH/S conferences, and co-host a DH Lunch Lecture series with the English Department. We also invite DH/S speakers to campus. They are also available as guest lecturers, and offer workshops through the University Libraries.

Current and Upcoming Events

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Past Events







DH Lunch Lecture Series: (Currently on hiatus until Spring 2020)
dSHARP and the Department of English’s
Humanities Analytics program co-organize a weekly lecture series on digital humanities, with local and visiting presenters. Attendance ranges from 10-30, and lunch is provided. 

Event Partnerships with Pittsburgh Community: In addition to working with our Colleagues at CMU, we have also reached out to members of our community who work on similar topics. This includes working with the Western Pennsylvania Data Center to host a meeting of their Civic Tech and Open Data Roundtable series. We also consistently work with the University of Pittsburgh to host or sponsor events, offer workshops, or generally collaborate on projects or initiatives. Partnerships have also included Duquesne, the Carnegie Library, and the Carnegie Museum of Art.

dSHARP Speaker Series: dSHARP hosts 1-2 visiting speakers per semester, and co-sponsors several more in association with the University of Pittsburgh. Directly hosted speakers include:

  • Allen Riddell (Indiana University). A lecture on quantitative analysis of literary history.
  • Heather Froehlich (Penn State). A lecture and workshop on corpus linguistics and Shakespeare.
  • Mark Newton and Alex Gil (Columbia University). A joint lecture on running a digital scholarship center.
  • Brent Seales (University of Kentucky). A lecture on using scientific and computational techniques to read hard-to-access archival sources.
  • Robin Sloan (NYT Bestselling Author). A 3-day workshop on algorithmic writing, a public lecture on creativity, a brown bag talk on artificial intelligence and book history, and two class visits.
  • Samantha Porter (University of Minnesota). A lecture on advanced imaging for objects and spaces, with a workshop on photogrammetry.


Guest Lecturing: Members of the dSHARP core team are available to guest lecture in undergraduate and graduate classes. These guest lectures can take a variety of formats, such as lectures, discussion sessions, seminar sessions, and in-class workshops of practical skills. If you are interested in having a team member visit your classroom please contact us at least six weeks in advance to discuss the pedagogic goals, content, and any desired activities.

Broad topics that dSHARP team members can cover include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Humanities – Hannah Gunderman, Matt Lincoln, Rikk Mulligan, Emma Slayton, Scott Weingart
  • Digital Publishing – Rikk Mulligan, David Scherer
  • Data Visualization – Jessica Benner, Emma Slayton, Scott Weingart
  • Project Management – Matt Lincoln
  • Research Data Management – Hannah Gunderman

Workshops are available through the University Libraries’ event calendar. Those offered (or planned) by dSHARP include:

  • Data Visualization Best Practices
  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Advanced Tableau
  • Data Visualization in R
  • Spatial Literacy
  • Introduction to GIS software
  • 3MT Visualizing for 3MT: Slide design
  • Network Analysis Workshops